Monday 9 December 2013

I told my roomate today.

I told the roommate this morning ; he took it better than I expected. I had imagined him freaking out and telling me how I was screwing him over, etc, but he understood about not being able to afford the place.

It’s funny, each time I am about to take a real and concrete step on this path, on this journey, I am hesitant and need to nudge myself forward to take that step. (Such as getting the Post Office Box, telling the roommate, etc.) Once I take that step I feel better and know that this is the right thing for me to do, at least at this stage in my life.

I know that the real test will not be changing my driver’s licence, insurance and registration over to the new post office box address (along with any and all bills). The real test will be actually telling my landlord that I am moving out, that will be my Rubicon; that will be when this gets real.

As for my next step, I will be going to an RV trailer dealership this Friday afternoon to see about actually buying that Camper for the back of my truck.

I checked my credit score and credit report this weekend and it turned out that I have better credit than I thought.  I don’t need/nor want  the Camper till late next month but I had better find out if it is possible before it is too late to find a room to rent.

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