Saturday 28 December 2013

Boxes In Storage

Well now Boy’s and Girls, I am feeling a bit sore this evening. Perhaps it is just me showing my . . . well . . . shall we say that perhaps I am not in as fine a shape as I once was.

I have moved the boxes that I have packed up so far (all eighteen) as a few storage shelves (packed up) and into my storage unit today.

So now I have most of my stuff into storage, I have my bedroom suite, my computer and desk and the kitchen.

On Monday I will move some odds and ends of furniture and my camping gear into storage. I will keep one camping cot and my sleeping bag out for use later next month, once I put my bed set into storage.

It looks like I will put my bedroom set and computer setup into storage by the middle of next month. That way I will know for absolutely certain what extra room I have in there. I am a third generation Pack-rat . . . I am sure I can sneak a few more things in there after that.

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