Sunday 15 December 2013

Registration, Insurance, and Driver's License done!

Okay boys and girls, it seemed that renewing my Registration and Insurance wasn’t as bad as I thought. There was only one “ticket” on file, I use quotes because I think it was a red-light camera. I have not been pulled over in years, but each year there is at least one “ticket” on file, despite how carefully I drive.  

Remember when cops actually pulled you over for traffic violations? Now they just monitor a bank of cameras and send you an invoice.
Since I changed my address on my Insurance and Registration for the truck I needed to update my address on my Driver’s License as well. Since (in my opinion) the cops need to know exactly where to send the Swat team if they ever get bored. 

That means that you need to have a “Physical Address” on file, not simply a Post Office Box or “Mailing Address.” So I changed the address to the Post Office box that I have and left the “Physical Address” to be my current address. Come Feb 1 I will need to spend $22.00 to update that Physical Address to . . . some other place . . . (to be determined in the future).
As far as checking out a trailer park, well it was a nice trailer park or rather “Manufactured Home Park” and while I did not get a chance to talk to anyone at the office there, it was clear that they would not let me park my RV Trailer there. Even then it was full, so was every other trailer park that I have checked out.
I know of one year round campsite but what I hear about them is that: 1) they have small campsites which pack you in and 2) they have a lot of rules and seem to have an overly strict atmosphere. This is not a place I want to live for the next two years, even if they give me a smokin’ hot deal.
The next thing I need to decide is whether or not to sell stuff (bedroom set, washer/dryer, deep freeze, table/chairs, couch/loveseat) now (when people are in the buying mood) or wait till January and risk not selling anything.

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