Tuesday 10 December 2013

Another Bump in the Road

Okay, I have been doing some research on what camper to get like any good consumer should. This has revealed another problem in my plan. The likely choice for a camper on my 2012 F150 is a Lance 825. It is 4 Season rated, (meaning that it is designed to work in winter).  There have been a few negative reviews as to the construction quality but that is not the problem.
The problem stems from the fact that the “dry weight” (or unloaded weight) of the camper is 1726 pounds, and the max payload for my truck is 2000 pounds. That means that even: just me, the water, my stuff and the full septic tank may be more than the manufacturers max payload.
This is frustrating because this camper is advertised to go on my truck! Perhaps if you are just going out for a weekend hunting trip it may not be so bad, but I plan on living in this thing for the next two years.
The next logical step would be to get a trailer. While this would be preferred for the added space and the fact that towing is different than cargo on the truck. I know that my truck can tow an Arctic Fox 22G trailer quite nicely. The added cost does not bother me, it is the fact that I have nowhere to park it that is the problem.
While  leaving a camper on the back of a pickup truck year round is one thing and people rarely look twice, a truck towing an RV trailer around all year round will get people to look twice and ask questions.
I will have to think this over and decide what to do. If I knew someone in Calgary (Preferably the South East) who wouldn’t mind me parking my trailer in their back yard and living in it for the next two years, that would be fine. I have not had any luck finding someone who will allow this.
One this is certain, I am going ahead with this, one way or another.

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  1. Geoff, have you considered parking a trailer in an RV park? The space rent is usually pretty cheap. Includes power, water, sewer, sometimes TV etc... People do it all the time here, live in the RV parks actually. That would solve your dilemma of an address as well. Don't know Canada laws, but my state (US as you know) requires a physical address and won't let a post office box be on the driver license.