Tuesday 31 December 2013

Bed Has a Date With the Moving Man

Okay, today I moved some stuff to the storage depot. I keep taking a load over and not a dangerously overloaded pickup truck load either. After all it is just little old me who is moving this stuff over there.

I don’t want to leave things to the last minute and since I have time I look around and ask “what can I take there today?” I then load up the truck and off I go to the storage depot.

When I was there today I asked them a question “What would it cost to move my bed for me?” I am not looking forward to moving that bed and while I know that I could find a way to move the bed in pieces, the dresser is big and heavy.

Add to that I would more than likely rent a larger truck or a box trailer and have to round up someone to help me . . . the hundred bucks was worth it.

So, by the evening of the eighteenth of January my bed will be in storage and I will be sleeping in a cot in my bedroom . . . yes I said cot. I left one cot and my sleeping bag out of my “Plan Z Equipment” for just this reason.  

I will hold off on moving more stuff over there as I am getting low on stuff to move for one and the stuff I have left over here I need to function. 

I will more than likely move my computer and desk into storage on the same weekend as my bed (sniffle). I will at least have my laptop though.

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