Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas All

Okay boys and girls, I have been busy and almost ready for the next stage, which is putting the stuff I want to keep in storage (Merry Christmas by the way). I have been forced to take the day off as I woke up this morning with a . . . well I don’t know what to call it but a sore lower back.
I have had these before and generally it requires that I take a muscle relaxer and don’t move too much for the day. So needless to say I am not doing any kind of work today, just watching television (okay and a bit of blogging).
I am reminded of my mother who was forced to slow down by a cold of flue, otherwise she would keep going. As for me, I tend to go at a slow and steady pace with work and fun intermixed (bit of work, but of fun, bit of work, etc.).
So far I have packed up nineteen boxes and approximately six or seven tubs. The rooms that I have packed up is my room (well as much as I can), the hallway, the living room, the dining room, and the storage room. The kitchen and bathroom will be left till last, for logistical reasons. 

All I have left to pack-up is the lower boot room where my camping gear and my computer. The camping gear will be done tomorrow and the computer will be packed up when I get my storage room.
Once the things I really want to keep has been secured, I will be then able to sell what I don’t want to keep. That will be early next month, as I want to focus on where I am to go and not worry about what to do with the large and bulky things I can’t keep as the month ticks down to when I must be out. I can only imagine the panic if it is two days before I am to be out and I still have my whole bedroom suite.
On a personal note I have been talking to a few people including one woman who I had almost considered dating. She confirmed one of my fears that women want all of the typical things they want in a man but also to make sure that he can provide a house.
So, it is true that no woman will consider getting involved with a man who is over 17K in debt let alone help me pay it off. So until I am debt free and can qualify for a mortgage, dating is pointless. 

Sure a younger woman may date a poor man but she is either not serious about him or she is banking on his potential. 

So lads, do yourselves a favour and get yourself into a position to buy a house as soon as possible, then the ladies will flock to you. 

I do not revel or delight in this discovery. 

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