Saturday 14 December 2013

The Day the Camper Died.

Okay the last few days were productive. I finally figured out just what the payload capacity of my Truck is. There is a lot of conflicting information, but with the help of the Owner’s Manual, the two Manufacturer’s Specification Stickers on the door jamb (I have 2) and yes the window sticker (I kept it for reference), I was able to determine that my truck can take a payload of 1510 pounds.
What this means is that the camper idea is out of the question, as the dry weight (unloaded) of the Lance 825 is 1726. Since my truck can only handle a payload of 1510 pounds that means me damaging my truck in the parking lot or just down the road from the RV dealership. 

Safe to say that the Camper is out unless I upgrade my truck, to at least an F250. Since I am just one year in to the 6 year financing and I like my truck, this is not likely.
I did find out that my truck can two much more, meaning that the 2012 Arctic Fox 22H that I have had my eye on is suddenly not only more affordable but also quite towable. Well, as long as I don’t load it down with the 1000 pounds of cargo that it can hold. 

If I make sure to get a decent hitch and the electronic breaking system for the truck and not drive like an idiot, even the mountain passes won’t prove a problem, though I may piss off some motorists as I may have to slow down a bit on the hills, but such is life and I don’t plan any long distance trips anytime soon.
As far as finding a place to park said Trailer, well that is not as easy. The sense that I am getting back from my inquiries is that the trailer parks are full and they don’t like RV trailers in them. Add in the fact that I seem to get a range of prices for the pad rent, the average being 1000 or so, this seems less likely.
So I am back to either renting a room somewhere or towing this trailer around for the next two years. I can handle either, I simply want to find a nice place to park near yet not noticeable to my work, as I still want to keep this somewhat private, if I do decide to live in a RV trailer that I tow wherever I go.
As far as storage, that too I found out yesterday and brings up another challenge. The average price that I got back for a 5 x 10 (foot) storage space is about 160.00 per month. I found a place that has it for 115.00 month.
Okay even at this price I have to really think if this stuff is worth keeping. Since  this is an estimated 2 year project and they do give you the 6th month free, I will still be paying: $115 x 20 (months) = $2300.00 all to keep what mainly is my bedroom suite that I paid about that price for in the first place.
I like my bedroom suite but I might as well save the cash now and buy a new one down the road. That way it would be new furniture for my new house. I like that thought as getting, or buying rather, a new house is the whole reason why I am doing this.
The other storage option is to rent a 5 x 5 (foot) storage unit for $57.00 per month. This way I can simply keep the boxes of stuff that I really don’t want to lose, just the stuff that I need to keep. This option will cost me: $57.00 x 20 (months) = 1140.00. This is less than half the price and while it is more painful, it is the better option.
I just have to remind myself that the stuff I have is just that, stuff; I’ll get more. The whole reason and function for this is to live cheaply so as to get this large rock of credit card debt off of my back, so I can move on.
I have looked into consolidation loans and they only are available as long as you have an asset big enough to secure said consolidation loan. The only asset I have worth that much is the truck and with only a year into its 6 year financing, it is leveraged to the hilt.
This means that I am back to just me and my own resources and ingenuity to get rid of this credit card debt. One way or another I will get it done, and then move on.
Well, I am off to renew my registration and change the address on my: Registration, Insurance and if possible, my Driver’s License. Then I will check out one Trailer Park near here and see if I can actually talk to a human there, and get the straight goods on Trailer Parks in the area.

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