Monday 16 March 2020

The Less-Than-Glamorous Necessity of Winter Mode.

Okay, so when I am in “Winter Mode” as in I can’t use my sinks, faucets or toilets, one question I get asked is how to I go to the washroom.

For the most part I try to use public facilities or facilities at work. Yet, what do you do when it is late at night and work and other places are closed.

Besides it is a bit of a pain to pack up and go to a local restaurant just to take a pee.

So, therein lies the birth of the “Pee Jar.” Once again, not glamorous, but necessary.

So, here is the contraption that I have come up with.

What that is, are two two-litre soda bottles connected together. The top one has its bottom cut off, so it forms a nice large funnel.

This is key because the swirl and rush of peeing can make the pee swirl out of a regular funnel (Yes I know this through experimentation).

Here is the nice little connector that makes this happen so smoothly.

You can pick this up fairly cheaply online, just search for “Vortex Bottle Connectors” and it should come up. They are sold as a way to make a whirlpool swirl in two solid soda bottles.

For me, I was looking for a way to make my pee jar.

I made my own connector, so to do this you will need two two-litre bottles and three bottle caps.

One bottle cap is there to seal the pee-jar when not in use. The other two you glue together and then poke a bunch of holes in the two, now joined bottle caps.

The Vortex Bottle Connectors are a much better idea and well worth the few bucks you spend on them. They come in a pack of four.

This way you can have more than one pee jar so you can still pee yet not have to find a toilet to pour the contents of your pee jar into. 

Once again, not fancy, but effective.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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