Monday 9 March 2020

The Homestead Fund Update

Okay, so it is that time again, when I update how my progress is going on my “Grand Savings Plan!” (to build my "Homestead Fund") 

Okay, so let’s see how I did . . . 

For review, here is how things looked from last payday . . .

That is 18.8% (of my Savings Target).

And this is how things look like, after the dust settled on this payday’s budget . . . 

That’s right things jumped up to 19.4% of my savings target. 

That means I put away 0.6% of my total Savings Target this payday.

I am still on track of getting to that magical number of 20% by next payday. 

To me 20% means that I will be finally at a minimum level of cash in the bank for me to feel okay. As in I can relax a bit. 

Of course this means that usually around the time that the sensation of “Hey, I’m not completely screwed!” hits me that the other shoe drops . . . on my head . . . as in I’m the bug on the floor and the size twelve hits me from above . . . out of the blue.

Anyways, I will continue to build my savings and move forward, but at least a sense of urgency will go away, after getting to 20%.

All I can do is the best that I can do with what I have each day, and each payday to move myself forward.

On a side note, I was able to dump my tanks on Friday afternoon before the big freeze this weekend. 

I was able to get the water out, but a pile of slush/ice remains in the middle of the black water tank. 

I can at least flush the tanks now, but I won’t bother to do that until next month. As that would require a visit to a full hook-up campground to do that.

I won’t start using my toilet again until I have flushed that tank out. Progress is progress and I am happy to see . . . a pile of slush rather than a ceiling of ice.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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