Tuesday 31 March 2020

Another Handy Item

Okay, so when the height of the fear of this pandemic hit, I will admit to buying a few items just in case I might need them.

I am convinced that one way or another we, as a society and a people will be fine. We will get through this and the economic fallout afterwards.

What I did buy was this.

So the large box is a gravity fed water filter with a spare replacement filter, a few water treatment tabs (for treating suspicious water) and seeds.

I have heard that there is a bit of a run on seeds, but I bought this a couple of weeks ago. (Shipping was slow and I get my mail once a week).

That water filter will mean that I could . . . if I needed to, go find a nice spot out in the wilderness somewhere not too far from a mountain stream and be okay.

I have solar panels to charge my batteries, I have the filter to filter the water, and I have propane to cook and heat with until that runs out. 

After which it is switching to open fire and not refrigerating anything (other than the old putting it in the running stream trick).

There are a few more books on the way, and all in all, I am okay, and I do believe that everything will turn our okay, that this pandemic will pass as well.

I am doing my social distancing and isolation . . . as I have always been doing. So, thing just haven’t changed much for me.

As always, Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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