Wednesday 11 March 2020

Balancing Demands

So, there are many demands on us, some financial, some time, and some attention. It is always important, yet tricky, for us to balance all of them out.

For you can’t spend all of your time on one project, nor can you spend all of your attention on one person. Nor can you spend all of your money on one thing.

We all have many different goals that we want to achieve with what resources that we have. So, how do you do that? How do you balance all of these things out?

You do so with asking yourself: what has to be done right now, and what can wait?

You can chip away at a number of different things over time, rather than focus on one thing at a time.

They will all get done, just little bits at a time.

Either that or pair down your list of things you want to do.

There’s always that.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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