Wednesday 18 March 2020

Broom Handle Hang-Up

So, I like to have my broom by the door in order to help keep snow and dust out. I have a hook on a spot near the door to keep the broom handy.

I had tried a solution of screwing an eye-hook into the top of the handle of the broom in order to keep it in place, but that didn’t work.

I had bought a wooden handle for my El-Cheapo broom as I kept breaking the handle, so rather than keep buying new brooms, I bought a solid wooden handle.

Yet, I broke off the eye-hook on the top of the broom and sheared off another one just trying to screw it in.

I don’t have an electric drill, as charging them has always been a pain and for the few times that I want to drill something, it seems silly to spend that much.

So, I bought a hand drill. It is a manually powered drill that you turn a crank in order to turn the drill bit. Not fancy, but effective.

So, with the help of that and a handy thing I find many uses for (key rings) I made this . . . 

There you have, it I was able to drill a hole through the broom handle and loop the broom handle onto the key ring, like it was a massive key, and voila! I can hang up my broom again!

This should be much sturdier, as the next time I need to do this, the broom handle will most likely be broken.

Again, not fancy, but effective.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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