Monday 2 March 2020

Still Carrying Around a Block of Ice

So, on Friday afternoon I tried to dump my grey and black water tanks. Again I paid my 50 cents to try and after running around gave it a go.

Unfortunately all that came out was a few gallons, I mean like 6 gallons tops (and that’s pushing it).

My best guess is that the main part of the black water tank is taken up by a large block of ice. 

So that when there is enough water in there, it floats. Drain the water and the ice will drop down and cover the exit (as in the drain thing).

The good thing is that I haven’t seen any signs of leakage or water draining out where it shouldn’t . . . I haven’t even smelled anything to suggest that. That’s a good thing.

There really isn’t much that I can do other than wait for it to melt on its own. I could go to a full-hook up campground, plug in and run my heat tapes. 

Heat tape are a special kind of electrical cable that heats up, so you wrap it around pipes or water tanks to keep warm them up.

I am hoping that the weather will get warm and the thing will met on its own. Yeah this is all my own doing by not dumping that one last time back in late December. 

The one thing I did do was buy a hand operated water pump, so I can pump the “water” out of the black water tank by sticking a hose down the toilet.

It works but I can’t do that, as all I see is the top of a block of ice . . . and I can’t pump ice out.

Again, we shall see how things progress, but for now, I am stuck in Winter Mode. Joy.

As always: Keep your head up,  your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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