Monday 27 March 2017

Weekend Away Aftermath

Okay, so yes I did not only book my site for the May Long Weekend, but I also went to the mountains this weekend as well.

Sure, it was nice; I saw some nice scenery.

Not to mention had a nice BBQ.

I even went for a little walk and took a look at my site that I have reserved and paid for, for the May Long Weekend. (Just for the heck of it.)

I did need the break and it was a good weekend yet there is the reality that is settling in. The weekend wasn’t free, after all.

So there is the cost of the trip and the extra fuel that I spent to go out there and back. All this will add up to take a serious dent in my next payday budget.

I will have to draw out some cash out of the savings to pay for this trip, and this is disquieting. (This pretty much ate up the last three paydays of savings.)

The plan of not going at all to the mountains was perhaps a bit ambitious, but certainly I know that I can’t do this again anytime soon.

I have to save up for two more large bill that are coming. The first is Wanda’s insurance (May) with the second being the Truck’s insurance (Late July.) Both are being paid in a lump sum I in advance.

All while trying to keep my scrimping and savings on track. One thing is clear, that I will be debt free this year, and that is something to celebrate.

I will continue my frugal ways and try to make up for this dash to the mountains. It was nice, though, it is just an extravagance that I can’t afford to do on a regular basis.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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