Tuesday 7 March 2017

Adjusting Expectations

I am a man who has his head in two worlds. On one hand I am a dreamer and an imaginer, yet on the other hand I am a realist. 

What this means is that I can dream up fantastical things, see them vividly in my mind and then plot and play ways to make them happen (just add money and resources, most of the time).

So, I am always re-evaluating my plan to be debt free and do so before the end of this year. Due to two recent factors I am pushing back my expected Total Debt Freedom Date.

The first factor is the fact that the plan to take money out of my Holiday Fund at work did not result in the amount of extra boost that I had hoped. 

A large chunk of that went to the Taxman and we all know what happens once he gets any of my money (Le Sigh).

The other is the total evaporation of my Tax Refund. That means that even the slightest boost that I had hoped to get from that is gone. 

As it stands now, unless I have some stellar paycheques over the next number of months (unlikely) then I will be left with what I have in the bank now, or rather will have come the end of this month.

So I have pushed back my target date to one payday back from this new target date. Interestingly enough it is still one payday ahead of my old target date.

So, all in all, this gamble was worth it, in the fact that I have gained a payday in my quest for Total Debt Freedom. 

As with everything we shall see how things actually pan out and I will deal with situations as they arise. 

All I can do is continue my frugal ways and keep trudging forwards towards that goal of Total Debt Freedom by the end of this year. 

Once this chapter of my life has been closed I can turn the corner and truly focus on building that bright future for myself and my future family. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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