Friday 17 March 2017

The Fight Against Grumpy

No, not the Dwarf, but me in the morning (no short jokes). I will admit it, that in the mornings I am a bit grumpy.

Not long after getting up, or as I am getting ready for the day, rather I will rant and rail against all manner of things and generally be in a sour mood.

Yet this does not persist, thankfully, and I am in a better mood by the time that I am walking to work. How is this? 

Well I take the time to counter each of my unfounded rants with a positive point. I also tell myself, remind myself rather, of how far I have come and what good things await me, if I persist.

I am thankful that I don’t inflict this sour mood on anyone else, and I am working to shorten the period of time that I am miserable.

It does happen, though, and I am frustrated about how long this journey seems to take and I just want it over with. 

I try not to think that even after being totally debt free I have at least two more years living in this RV. 

That’s right I have two more years of parking and sleeping on the streets before I will finally have a home of my own and mayhap a family too.

I need to calm down try to stay in the positive frame of mind and remain optimistic about the future. That is the mindset that I want to have and the outlook that I decide to make for myself.

There are times, however, that I do look back on my life and regrets, poor choices, along with the roads not taken come back to haunt me. 

These are things that I try not to look at for long, as in truth, there is nothing that I can do about them now. 

I can only try to make peace with the past so I can focus on the future. This is yet another struggle that I face every day. I think that perhaps I am not alone in this.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!


  1. Jeez dude...we are both a little long in the tooth... a family may be a bridge too far. It's hard enough to find a woman who is dateable. And then have some rug rats to extend our what'....?
    Just get free, and MAYBE, then find a woman who is not obsessed with the trappings of life and wants to live like we's a fool's game. But I wish you luck!

  2. Crap! Sorry about that bit of negativity!