Monday 13 March 2017

The Small Charity Matters

I have always said that this is a blog about my successes and failures; so you can learn from both, and I can remain humble. 

This is a blog entry which includes both, let me explain.

I have always had tight budgets, but since starting on this last leg of this journey to Total Debt Freedom, I have had incredibly tight budgets.

As I have said before, every last cent is allocated into three categories: 

1) What I need to exist. (Current Expenses)
2) What I may need to exist (Savings)
3) Debt Elimination. (Currently: The Wanda Loan).

I have a list of things (in no particular order) I would like to buy, and right under “New Mattress” is “New Frying Pan.” Neither will become a reality until after I become Totally Debt Free.

I allocate myself a whopping $20.00 per payday for treats until the next payday. For me, that means a meal out . . . yes an extravagant $5.00 meal at a posh restraint chain that may or may not have large arches in their logo.

This week I was hit up not once but twice for charity (as in a few dollars). The first time was when I was just sitting down to my meal after doing my payday run-around.

It had been a long day at work followed by a few stops of errands: Auto Club Renewal, Bank, and Gas. I was a bit frazzled and the only bite that I had had was a stolen French fry or two.

This was when the young lad (around twenty years-old) walked up and asked for $2.00 to buy a cheeseburger. 

My reply was quick, a bit terse yet still polite in my refusal of his request. He walked away, apologizing for asking as he did so.

As I was eating my meal I stewed and was conflicted. On the one hand I was offended that someone was asking me for help, considering all that I am going through.

I then reminded myself that the individual was clearly in a worse position than myself and just wanted a meal. 

I had sized him up and didn’t see him as planning to use the money for booze or drugs. After all, we were still in the restaurant.

He had left before I got the chance to correct my error and oversight. After all it was only two dollars to me but would have made a world of difference for him.

The second encounter came on Saturday when I was doing my weekly grocery shopping, or rather just afterwards. 

I had finished shopping and was loading the groceries into Wanda in my typical way: tossing them on the bed whilst standing on the ground in the open door.

A man walked up, who looked nearer to my age and asked me to let him take my cart back for him so he could collect and keep the Loonie (1$ coin) in my cart.

Again the urge to lash out and tell this person to bugger-off rose up within me, but this time I refrained. 

I agreed but did take the time to point out to the man that the trailer was not my vacation trailer but my 24/7/365 home.

He then told me that he had been working operating heavy equipment in the oil patch until the downturn and reminded me that he knew a lot of people like him out there on the streets. 

(Keep that in mind the next time some bureaucrat tells you that the job picture is all rosy again.)

So, whilst I don’t have the cash for large donations, (as in anything where money is made of paper) I will make it a point to be more charitable in the way and in the denominations that I can be charitable.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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