Monday 6 March 2017

Got My Tax Refund

So, a week last Friday, (On Feb 24th) I filed my taxes because I figured I would get my yearly let down out of the way nice and early.

I did my best and filled out all of the boxes that I was supposed to with the actual real numbers, not fudging any of them. 

After last year of paying someone to file my taxes and still getting my yearly let down, I figured what was the point? 

So, I would file them myself (I have done this many times in years gone by). Anyways, I digress, off my tax return went (online). 

I figured that if I filed early I would get an answer early . . . well I did. On the weekend I checked my bank account (which I do every day).

I check my bank account and credit cards every day to see what payments have gone through and to watch for suspicious activity.

Well, there was an unexpected deposit in the bank account and the name suggested that it was my tax refund, but the amount didn’t match my expectations (or, in a way . . . did). 

I went online and logged into the Taxman’s website and saw there the “reassessment” that was done on my tax return. There in all neat and tidy numbers was the “justification” for my “refund.”

Detecting sarcasm? Well let me just say that I got 0.0274% of my expected tax refund back . . . beer money . . . thereabouts.

So, there will be no help from the Taxman in getting debt free earlier than my target. 

The old adage of whatever I give the Taxman throughout the year (no matter how much) they will keep remains true.

I am tempted to pay an accountant to go back as far as you can legally go to reassess my tax returns and see if they can somehow claw back some of my cash. 

I don’t have the cash to do anything like that right now, as I still have to save even more to make my deadline for myself. Perhaps later this year or next tax time I will.

It would be nice to have some high powered accountant and mayhap a lawyer as well to take on my case (pro bono, or at a serious discount) to go after the Taxman. 

That would require more cash than I can expect to get back. So I will roll over and take it, at least when it comes to the Taxman. I am too small to do anything about this or dare to fight back.

I will, however, survive, thrive and succeed despite this. I will still be debt free this year, and I will still buy my land. It will just take a bit longer, that’s all. 

I will focus on that and the positive and bright future that awaits me; a future of my own creation, one beyond Total Debt Freedom. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward.

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