Thursday 30 March 2017

A Small Step Forward, is Still Progress

Okay, so today is a Wanda Payment Thursday, so I’ll update how things are going on the Wanda Loan.

It seems that the large chunks taken out of the Principle are a thing of the past and we have settled down to the expected pace of Pre-Large Payment on the Wanda Loan.

The extra chunks taken out of the Principle in the over $7 range is gone and we are back to the mid $3 range. 

To remind you the increases in the chunk taken out of the principle of last two regular Wanda payments were $7.35 and $7.84 (respectively).

Today’s chuck was almost half that at $3.36, yet still an increase if you compare it to the amount before the large payment which was $2.92.

So, while the $7.00 increases may be gone, I am still ticking up there and moving things forward towards the total demise of this loan.

I still look at the positives that after the next large payment on payday (one week tomorrow) I will be just above $20k of the balance left on the loan.

Considering this thing was just shy of $33K at the beginning of the year; that is some serious progress on this loan. 

I am still on track to getting this thing done this year, and paying for both of my insurance (truck and trailer) in cash, up front.

So, those are all positives and I will take note (and celebrate) any step in the right direction, no matter how small. 

With the weather being warmer (emphasis on the “er”) I am taking to refraining from turning the furnace on at all. I am just bundling up and muddling through in the mornings. 

I am also leaving the blinds open during the day to get a bit of a “greenhouse” effect with the sun during the day to warm the trailer up for the evening. So far it is working out fine.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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