Friday 3 March 2017

The Sting of Dreams

I have a lot of dreams, good ones, bold ones, fantastic ones; most of them are for the benefit of many people other than myself.

The trouble is that I am still here, living in my RV handing over every last cent that I don’t need to exist (or may need to exist) over to the banks.

In essence, my current realty is nowhere close to where I want to be. Therein lies the problem, one which I keep coming back to.

I can envision and dream up all kinds of things, then figure out ways to make those dreams and fantastical visions reality . . . just add: cash, resources and personnel.

The most frustrating thing is having that knowledge, that plan, that vision for the future but stuck and mired in the present. 

I know that I am working towards the future and the first step is to free myself from constant servitude in order to service debt. 

After that, I need to obtain land, a Quarter Section (160 Acres) bare minimum, with a Full Section (640 Acres) preferred. 

Why? Because I need to have a place to gather people who, like me, want to see more out of their labours than just mere existence with a few toys. 

You know, those who want to help build the future a bright and bold future. Those who wouldn’t mind having all of their needs met without being paid yet just asked to contribute (in a way that they like) with their labours and mental muscle whilst continually bettering yourself. 

I will dial my dreams back and, for now, push them away. As to look at them now, whilst I am on this side of that wall (indebted) it is just too painful to look at them.

I will, as always, keep trudging forward towards that future, with my next goal of Total Debt Freedom. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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