Wednesday 12 September 2018

Not Completely Hideous

Okay, so I have three working days (including today) left on the payperiod that is for the Sept 22 paycheque.

I started this week with a number of “charge backs” . . . not good. 

Anyone who has worked in sales will know that when a sale is returned, you must give back the commission you earned on that sale. 

I had a few large sales come back all on Monday and that wiped out any of the commissions I earned on Monday and even put me in the hole. 

Meaning that I actually lost money on sales that on Monday . . . as in I and my paycheque was worse off (other than my hourly rate) than I was when I started . . . joy.

Yesterday was my saving grace and I had a few good sales. 

So, it looks like my paycheque, while it will still fall very short of Budgetary Minimum, I will still make a bit more than disastrous. 

As in, I will actually have some sort of a commission bonus that may even approach triple digits (you know, before taxes, of course).

Again, I just keep reminding myself to just trudge forward and take things one payperiod at a time. 

All I can do is just do the best that I can with the funds I have in my hand. That’s it. So, I will keep trudging forward and keep building my savings. 

And in so doing, build my dreams. (Be it a Fantastic or Hideous Paycheque.)

As always: Keep your head up, keep your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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