Thursday 20 September 2018

Just Keep Going

So, there have been a few things that have been frustrating as of late, but this is par for the course of life. 

I am in the midst of my reduced paycheques (about to get the first of the two) and having to cut back on savings, particularly below target is very, very frustrating indeed.

Yet, due to my Fiscal Directives that I have put in place, Savings is last on the list. 

1. Pay all my bills
2. Fund My Expenses
3. Put any Cash spent out of the Wallets back into Wallets.
4. Put remainder (Whilst staying out of my Personal Overdraft) into Savings.
5. Fund Mid-Term Savings to Target.
6. Then build Long-Term Savings.

That really is it and all I have to keep reminding myself is that as long as I do that, I will stay on course and build my future. 

Albeit slowly, but one paycheque at a time will still move me forward. I just have to keep with it, keep at it and have patience.

I am still in the process of teaching myself to remain debt free and build my savings. (As in not do anything crazy like buy some large extravagant purchase).

(Still working on that).

Yet, I just have to remind myself to stay calm, work the plan, and in so doing . . . 

As always: Keep calm, Keep your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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