Monday 10 September 2018

Grand Savings Project Update!

Okay, so here we are, the next blog entry after my Payday! So this means I get to be annoying and let you know how much I have increased my savings by.

So, the question is, what percent of my savings goal am do I have in my savings now? 

Just for review, this is what it was from last week . . .

So, this is what it is this payday . . .

So, the pattern seems to be holding that each digit went up by one. So it went from 6.7% (of target saved) to 7.8% (of target saved)!

So, sure I have a ways to go, but again, I am working on keeping myself motivated and upbeat.

I know that the next couple of paydays will be lower than expected, but as long as I move that savings needle by 1% I will be happy with that. 

As long as I get to cross off a number (on that savings chart) then I will call it a win and move on. 

In fact, any amount of cash put into savings is a win, no matter how small. For that cash, the cash in savings is Doubly-Earned!

Why do I say that? Why is the cash in savings Doubly-Earned? Because I have earned it twice! 

Once when it was on my paycheque, and again when I was able to conserve enough in my budget so as to be able to put it into savings.

That is why savings is extra special to me, in this day and age, in this economy, I am still able to put cash into savings (I just don’t live all that glamorously). 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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