Wednesday 18 April 2018

Wanda’s Batteries Are Dead

I knew it as soon as I looked at its blank screen; there was no denying it then. You see, I ran my generator for two hours on both Sunday and Monday nights.

Both times the charge in Wanda’s batteries did not last 24 hours, when in the past, that would have lasted me for half a week.

This was not just “make the radio unusable” dead batteries, this was “blank screen on the radio” dead, and yesterday it was “propane sensor beeping every ten seconds” dead.

That usually takes a few days to drain the batteries down to. This meant they were dead dead. 

My next test would be to plug in somewhere for the weekend, to charge the batteries up from Friday afternoon till 5 am Monday morning.

The trouble is that I have no place in town to do so, I have no place to plug in for extended periods of time, and I am not running my generator for hours on end.

Yet, to go to the mountains (and a campsite) costs me about $200.00 each time (for camp fees and extra fuel). To do that in order to confirm what I already heavily suspect, seems foolish.

So, yesterday afternoon I disconnected the batteries and will be without power in Wanda until this weekend.

There is a battery specialty place that I will check out Friday afternoon and look at purchasing new batteries of a better design. As in, better equipped to handle the cold winters.

This is yet another expense that I don’t need, yet was expected. 

After all I will have owned Wanda for 4 years come the 15th of next month. I will have been living in Wanda full-time come the 12th of July. 

I will still push on ahead and do what needs to be done. This expense will go on the card and be paid off with the other expenses in August/September. 

I will be okay, as I know how to handle a trailer without power. I have seen this before.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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