Tuesday 24 April 2018

Taxed to Pay a Tax

Okay, so as you may know, every now and again (twice now) I have been buying books to add to the “When You Need To Know It, But, Can’t Google It” Archive.

This is a collection of books that I might need when starting the homesteading process on that land that I plan to buy and turn into a self-sustaining town. (As in providing food and the other necessities for the townsfolk.)

I make a point to buy my books from a Canadian website of a large international online marketplace. This is to avoid the hassles of buying things across the Canadian border.

To be Canadian is to know that your government loves to tax just about everything you do, and ensure that it can do so unfairly in so called “free trade” deals.

I work for a company that sells our products into the United States. We can do so tax free for up to $800.00 into the US no problem. 

We sell either to the skilled trades people needed to install our products or to people who will then hire those same skilled trades people to install our products for them.

This, as in what we do, helps spur the American economy as well as our own. 

Yet, the Canadian Government insists on getting a the very least the GST on every penny of every product that comes into this country. 

Case in point. I bought a few books, one, as it happened was coming from an American seller (fine).

Yet when that book crossed the border, it was assessed at a Canadian value of $43.97, so I was charged $2.20 GST, yet then charged a $9.95 “Handling Fee” from the Canadian Border Services.

See for yourself . . . 

Essentially I was taxed to pay a tax all to remind me that I was a bad boy for not buying this book in Canada. 

After all, we Canadians are only supposed to do business with Canadian Businesses. Why is that? In order to maximize the taxation trickle back to our own government, of course.

Heaven forbid we have open competition in this country. Ah well, it is frustrating but there is little to be done about it. 

I still think it is unfair, but I will keep trudging forward. Yet another reason why I want to build that little town and break the cycle of: Work  Spend  Debt  Repeat Until Death for me and those who come to that town.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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