Friday 20 April 2018

The Almost Battery

So, there I was yesterday evening, looking at a battery that would have worked for Wanda. They had more than two, so it would have been a solution to my problem.

But, I didn’t buy them . . . why? You ask?

You see, Wanda’s Batteries sit outside on the front of the trailer, behind the propane tanks. See here . . . 

The batteries are inside those plastic boxes. They are there to protect the batteries from the weather and stray metal (to prevent short circuits).

I looked around and found two suitable batteries at a large retailer that was open later than the battery specialty store that I was planning to go visit this afternoon.

So, I decided why not check this large retailer out yesterday evening, after work, and solve my problem of dead batteries a day earlier.

I had gotten the measurements of the new batteries from online and measured the area where the Wanda’s Batteries are.

They would fit, but they were an inch taller. That’s fine as an inch taller is no problem, and more battery is a good thing (more space to store electricity). 

Yet, this would mean that I would need new battery boxes (those plastic protective boxes) to go with my new batteries, 

Since my current battery boxes are an inch short, I would need to rig something up (such as lots of duct tape) . . . no thanks.

I still remember the blank expression and total lack of offering any options or solutions by the attendant at the large retailer. 

I had to prod to see if he could order in new and taller battery boxes, but they didn’t have any available. 

So, I left the store and left the batteries there. They were no use to me, if I can’t protect them (in the Non-Red Green way).

I will go to the battery specialty place today after work and hope that they not only have the batteries I need, but also the battery boxes. 

One way or another, I will solve this problem. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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