Tuesday 10 April 2018

Setbacks Frustrating

I know firsthand how things in life don’t go as planned. My year of savings has gotten off to a slow and very frustrating start. 

I also know that this is due to self-inflicted fiscal wounds. I also accept that the expenses (most of them) were needed and/or not that bad. 

After all, not one of them is an “epic weekend in Vegas," nor am I back in debt, for I am, and shall remain, debt free.

Yet, it is also very frustrating to come to (closing in on) the end of the first fiscal quarter of this first year of savings and have made shockingly little progress on actual savings.

I have upgraded a few things and yes fixed Wanda, and so, those were expected or should be anticipated expenses/rewards for getting debt free.

Yet, I know that my journey is not at an end and I do not wish to live in an RV for the rest of my days. 

This trailer has always been a means to an end, a way to get myself ahead. 

I will buckle down and refocus myself on my savings as I continue to move forward. I need to see some significant progress on this savings front.

I hope that things will be markedly better come the end of the second quarter of this first year of savings.

The one thing I know is that when you experience setbacks, you must acknowledge them, understand why they happened, but then leave them behind and move on.

That is what I will do.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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