Monday 30 April 2018

Lost My Favourite Spot(s)

So there they were, all lined up where they were not supposed to be . . . a line of cars. It was mid-afternoon on Friday and I was pulling into my Western Home when I saw them. 

I grumbled, ranted and railed against the injustice of someone parking in my favourite spot, yet I did what I always do . . . moved on.

I found another spot elsewhere in the parking lot, some other forlorn spot that is just big enough to park in. 

It takes a bit of doing but I can parallel park my truck and trailer in there. It is for that reason that it is usually waiting for me. 

I wondered why all of a sudden the end of the parking lot that I usually park in is suddenly so popular.

I mean all of the spots in that end of the parking lot was taken up. Not one or two, or just a few strategically parked yet spread out so I can’t park there, but every last one.

It took me a bit of thinking, as I was getting setup, to realize the reason, and why this is probably an indicator of things to come (for the next while at least).

A new store has opened up in the adjacent shopping area, and this end of the parking lot is nearest to that store. 

As you might have guessed their parking lot is jammed packed, so this means that the spill over is invading our parking lot. 

Either that or the staff of that store had been instructed to park in our parking lot. The reason matters little, but the result is the same: I can’t park in the end of the parking lot that I like the most. 

Again, this is not something new, as I know and accept that I may own my home, but I do not own the land underneath it. 

Everywhere I go, I am an invader, a guest and I have no right to be anywhere, I simply have permission to be there, for a little while at least. 

It is this “Permanent Guest” mentality that informs how I live my life and how I interact with my environment, and those around me.

I will always find a place to park and make a home. There is always another place to park. 

There is no reason to come to blows over one particular parking place, no matter how nice it is, or what sentimental value it has to me.

My lifestyle, by its very definition is one of impermanence. This is the way of things and one thing that anyone who wishes to follow in my footsteps needs to accept.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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