Friday 13 April 2018

My Bad . . . I Planned a BBQ Today

Yeah, so I had planned a spur of the moment thing, to have a BBQ at work today . . . 

I know that this is Alberta and so the weather changes at the drop of a hat. I mean, I am not kidding, I have experienced all 4 seasons in one day. 

It is supposed to warm up this afternoon and I do park my house close to work, so it may still happen.

It was going to be the “I want spring, BBQ.” 

This is just the way of things this time of year . . . in what I term as “Anti-Fall” (as in it is not spring but Fall, but in reverse).

I am stubborn, so if there is still the will, I will make it happen. At least tomorrow, I will have a BBQ, as the weather should be nice.

Spring will come, the warm weather will come, yet not quite yet, it seems. 

It is for days like this that I have pushed off my De-Winterizing until the May Long Weekend, I just don’t want to push things for the slight convenience of running water. 

Again, I will continue to press forward, towards my goal and try to enjoy each day in some way. (BBQ or no BBQ).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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