Wednesday 4 April 2018

The Winter That Never Ends

So, for those of us out on the prairies, we are experiencing an extended winter. 

It is still cold and it looks like the winter weather will stick around for another two weeks at least.

Joy, just what I want to hear, I am fed up with winter and I just want it to go away. 

Yet, I will stick it out and persevere out here, because I know that I can and will endure this. This stuff now is but a nuisance to me, I have seen worse.

So to, I find, is the best way to look at the other problems in your life. Look at them and compare your current tribulations to the ones you have bested in the past.

I am sure that you will find that you have been through worse before, so you can get through this current patch of troubles.

They trick is to keep focused on your greater goal: the reason why you are going through all this. For that will keep you motivated . . . in amongst your winter that never ends.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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