Friday 27 October 2017

Update From The Trough

Okay, so the budgetary dust has settled and I am now clearly looking towards the future. All in all, things are okay, but funds are still tight.

As I said earlier, after all is said and done and all of my bills were paid and expenses seen to, I have $29.87 in my bank account. 

(That’s actually $27.87, not $1027.87).

In order to pay off the Wanda Loan, I had to drain all of my bank accounts (other than my RRSP . . . seriously, don’t touch that one, the cash in there is no longer yours).

In order to pay off the Wanda Loan, for the previous two paycheques, I was doing everything that I could to keep as much cash in my account as possible.

This meant economizing as much as I could, but also putting my essential expenses on my low interest credit card. This is robbing Peter to pay Paul, but it worked and the Wanda Loan is done.

This next payday, the one on Nov 7, will see me pay off my credit card, and fund my expenses but leave me with little left over.

The payday on Nov 22, will see me officially start The Rebuilding Phase, for that is that payday that will see me fully fund my Personal Overdraft.

In so doing the phase of putting cash in my bank accounts for my: security, peace of mind and dreams will begin.

I have had savings over the past few years, this is nothing new. The difference is that even as I was building up those savings I knew that all of that cash was there for one thing . . . 

To pay off the banks.


Remember kids, your credit card company is not loaning you a dime, they just shuffle paperwork around for (approximately) 4% off the top. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of loan you have or from whom, sooner or later, you are borrowing from a bank.

I have been through a lot, learned a lot, and grown a lot. I am appreciative for the process of earning my debt freedom, and above all for what I have learned.

I also know and accept that it was my own choices and actions that put me in the place I was in the first place. I did this to me, not the banks.

It was also my own choices and actions that got me out of it (not the banks). 

Yet, even after all that, I am now standing on the ground, next to the hole that I have climbed out of. 

I am simply back to zero. I am back to where I started when I started my working life at 18 years old.

I must now traverse a narrow path for the next month before I can begin to climb the mountain, ever upwards towards my dreams and the lush plains above.

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward. 

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