Monday 30 October 2017

Back To The Grind, Back To Winter Mode

I had a lovely vacation, but I am now starting back at work today. The weather was warm and the time was relaxing. 

I was nice and toasty inside Wanda, thanks to the campground’s electricity and my electric heater.

Well, all that took and abrupt nose-dive this morning, but such is life when you live in an RV in a Canadian Prairie town.

I got up this morning and before leaving the campground I dumped my tanks for what I guess is the last time until spring.

Why? Because I am now in Winter Mode. What is Winter Mode, you ask? Well, With regards to water and plumbing issues, I have there modes:

1) Summer Mode

Summer Mode is when I can get fresh water for my Fresh Water Tanks, and can dump my Grey Water (sinks & bathtub) and Black Water (Toilet), Tanks. 

This is because the weather is above freezing and I can readily get fresh water for the main tanks. This is usually between late May to early October. 

2) Sprint/Fall Mode

Spring/Fall Mode is when my trailer is “winterized” so as to prevent the freshwater lines from being damaged. 

I pay to have the RV dealership do this during their one day special that they hold in early October. 

For me this is winter insurance as I get it done right and I don’t have to worry about my waterlines freezing, cracking and causing considerable damage.

Yet this means I have no running water. I then have to use 5 gallon jugs of water that I can fill from a tap if I find one available or buy the water from a certain grocery store for $3.00 per fill.

I can still use my Grey and Black Water Tanks as long as the temperature does not drop below freezing. 

In the Fall, this mode lasts from early October until the weather dips below freezing and stays there. 

In the Spring, this mode lasts from when the weather goes above freezing and stays there until late May.

3) Winter Mode

Winter Mode is the least fun because it means that I can’t use any of my tanks, so no fresh water in the taps, no toilet and no using the sinks.

This is because once the weather stays below freezing, the valves to dump the Gray and Black Water Tanks are frozen shut until spring. 

So, to prevent me from carrying around blocks of ice and frozen poop, I dump one last time before this happens. 

Winter mode, as you can guess, lasts between Fall Mode and Spring Mode. So I am at the mercy of the weather on this one.

I dumped this morning because, by the middle of this week, the temperature will drop below freezing and stay there, for the foreseeable future at least.

Again, this is all stuff that I have seen before, and I know how to handle it. I grumble, sear, bitch complain, and whine, but then just accept it and move on.

This is because the one constant in my life is change and adaptation. I must always change what I am doing to adapt to the conditions that are outside of my control.

I do this not out of weakness but out of the resolve and fortitude to see things through and achieve my goals. 

I will endure this winter in my RV as I have endured the past three. 

I will do this because each day that I am out here, each night that I am in my RV I move myself that much further ahead.

Again, this is not forever, just for now. So I will switch to winter mode and continue to carry on, towards a better future for myself and those around me.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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