Wednesday 18 October 2017

Hump Day To End All Humpdays!

This is the middle of the week before I pay off the Wanda Loan and go on vacation. This week has been going slowly, yet not. 

I am trying to keep things moving forward by keeping track of the half-day increments that each day ticks forward in. 

(For example today starts with 2.5 days to go, but will end with 2 days to go.) Take a moment to grumble and snort in my direction at 1:30 Mountain Time each day this week. 

I am also focussing on work to keep me occupied (and, you know, stay employed and thereby keep the cash flowing in.) 

Which would be good, considering I am about to enter The Trough.

What is “The Trough?” It is the span of time from when I pay off The Wanda Loan (October 23rd) until the payday of November 22nd.

During those four weeks I will have little money, as the two budgets this upcoming payday’s and the one on November 7th are both tight, but necessarily so. 

Such is life, and nothing I haven’t seen before. The thing to remember and what keeps me going is that The Rebuilding Phase officially begins on November 22nd.

That is when cash starts flowing into my account to stay. That is when I officially start to rebuild my cash reserves and therefore my life.

I am still focussed on this Monday though, as paying off the Wanda Loan is paramount to all of that happening. 

So I will be a good boy and stay frugal, and get through this . . . yet I will pause to celebrate and reflect . . . once in Banff, of course.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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