Wednesday 4 October 2017

Adjusting To The New Normal

I have my goal, and I have a plan. I am working the plan and the plan is working . . . it’s insane, but it is working nonetheless.

Every penny I spend, whether it is cash (out of a wallet) or out of the bank account (via debit card) or on the credit card is now under intense scrutiny. 

Now, more than ever before I am asking myself “Do I really need this spend?” 

Yes. It has come to that.

My budget is tight, but even if my more conservative paycheque estimates come to fruition, I will still make the day . . . and the day after (Nov 7). 

You know, the day that I will pay off (in full) the even increasing credit card balance on the sole credit card that I am using.

I know that the more I put on that credit card the further I go from being able to call Oct 23rd “Total Debt Freedom Day.”

For me, despite how stringent your definition of “Total Debt Freedom” is, Oct 23rd is still the day I consider that I will finally turn the page on debt. 

This is because it is the last of my contractual monthly obligated debts; no more obligated regular payments to anyone. The remaining ones I control (credit card and cell bill).

Over the past two days I have been going through a myriad of emotions: from anger and frustration to downhearted with a healthy dose of injustice, and on to indignation, determination and yes hope.

I have been through worse and I will yet still go through worse. If my past has taught me one thing it is this . . . I can do this . . . I can and will make the day.

I just have to spend as close to nothing as possible over the next five weeks.

Why five weeks and not three? Well, it’s three weeks to Total Debt Freedom Day and another two to Nov 7 and the official beginning of the Rebuilding Phase.

I will be okay. I will get through this. I will make the day. I am too stubborn not to.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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