Tuesday 3 October 2017

Duelling Shrinking Paycheques

We’ve all had it, a bad paycheque, one that does not meet your hopes or expectations. Somehow you have to adjust your plans and budget accordingly. 

Well, I am about to have two bad paycheques in a row . . . and it seems that they are trying to see who can outdo the other in underperforming. 

At the worst possible time, no less.

These two paycheques are the last two before paying off the Wanda Loan. Actually it is the one before it (Oct 7) and the one that I will pay the Wanda Loan off with (Oct 22).

These paycheques along with the contents of my bank accounts are all that I have to work with. 

So that means that my savings and Wanda Payment Targets can’t be mucked with. I can’t stray from the plan. 

Simply put, I have to continue saving and paying what I had already planned to do, or I will miss Total Debt Freedom Day.

Whilst doing that, I still have to find some way to exist. 

How do I know this? Well, yesterday was the start of a new payperiod. So it is also the day that I put in my timesheet for the upcoming payday on the 7th (Saturday). 

With my best projections, it looks like I will fall short of my “Budgetary Minimum” (the amount that I base my budgets on) by at least a decent night out for two . . . with drinks.

On this day I also prepare my next paycheque’s timesheet and estimate what that paycheque (as in the one after this one) may look like. 

That one looks like it may miss by as much as a nice dinner for three. So I am now hoping to only miss by a nice dinner for two. 

(That is what passes for hope in my life these days). 

The easy answer would be to just shove the day that I pay off Wanda back one paycheque. Sure, bring logic into this.

I will somehow make this work and make the day, for more than the reason that I have already booked my celebratory vacation week.

For me, this is somehow beyond personal, this is my line in the sand. This day (and me along with it) have been shoved around so many times, that I am planting my feet.

This is the day, and I will make the day: October, 23rd, 2017.

I have already made the budget work by doing some minor tweaks like . . . tossing out the grocery and treats budgets . . . small stuff like that. 

I have less than a dollar to spare, but I have made it. I will continue to keep as much cash in my bank as I can between now and the 23rd. 

The trade-off for this insane budgeting is that I will pay the Visa off in full on the 7th of November. I will use the money that I had earmarked to rebuild my Personal Overdraft to do so. 

PI will then continue with my RRSP and Mid-Term Savings plans and just trickle save up the Personal Overdraft with the cash that was earmarked to pay the Visa Card off.

The Paying off of the Wanda Loan does mark a change and shift in the phase or chapter of my life that I am in. So for me it is still the monumental day.

Is it actually Total Debt Freedom Day or is the day really November 7, 2017? I will let others say what they want and argue the semantics. 

For me, October 23rd will always be the day things shifted and I finally turned the page on debt.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward! 

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