Thursday 19 October 2017

The Same-Same Frustration

I am merely days away from paying off the Wanda Loan, the last and largest loan that I have ever had. 

Yet, as I draw close to close this chapter in my life, I am left with the frustrating sensation that very little is actually going to change. 

There shall be no large banquet held in my honour, the mayor will not present me with the key to the city, and there is no house or parcel of land waiting for me . . . 

No prize for me to claim, other than my freedom.

I shall go to Banff, relax, unwind and then come back and carry on. I will still live in my trailer, still park and live on quiet industrial streets or in parking lots.

I will carry on, but this time it will not be to pay the banks their pound of flesh, it will be for me to build my future. 

That will sustain me; it has to, for I have more of the same coming after finally turning the page on debt. 

First things first, first I pay off the Wanda Loan, then I pay off the credit card that I have been living on (of sorts) these past few weeks, then . . . then and only then I shall start the rebuilding phase.

Whist doing more of the same.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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