Wednesday 9 August 2017

Total Debt Freedom Day Pushed Back

It has happened, and it wasn’t my fault, but it was my choice. Due to circumstances that I can’t control, I have had no choice but to push Total Debt Freedom Day back.

As I have said before, I get paid twice a month, like clockwork.  

The first payperiod of the month runs from the 1st of the month to 15th of the month. Since there is a 1 week hold back, I get paid on the 22nd of the month. 

The second payperiod of the month runs from the 16th of the month to the last day of the month. Since there is a 1 week hold back I get paid on the 7th of the next month. 

It doesn’t matter what day of the week that payday lands on, that is the date of the cheque and so that day, and not before is when I can deposit or cash it.

This means, as with yesterday, if payday falls on a bank holiday I have to deposit the paycheque on the next business day.

I know that I can use the ATM or even the banking app to take a picture of the cheque and deposit it that way. 

What can I say, I am old fashioned, I like to go into the bank and talk to the teller. I do this for a few reasons. 

For one, I have had bad experiences depositing my cheque through the ATM. At one time there was a 10 day hold on any cheques deposited that way. Since then I have always deposited my paycheque over the counter, without fail.

The reason I don’t use the banking app to deposit the cheque is because I like to have the deposit receipt stapled to my check stub (for my books).

I was in the bank yesterday doing my (belated) running around for payday, starting with my bank run. 

That was when I noticed a sign on the door to the bank signalling that they were changing their hours. A few hours shaved off here and there, no big deal.

It was the fact that they have decided to close on Sundays, which causes me a problem.

This now means that when any of my paydays falls on a Sunday, I have to wait until the next day to do my banking. 

Again, this is not the 70’s, I have other banking options. I could use the ATM, that bank app, or even go to another branch.

The real problem, and the point of this blog entry is the fact that the auspicious day of October the 22nd of 2017, is a Sunday.

I have been going to that branch since I started this journey. I switched to using this branch because it was close to the house that I rented a room in (back in January of 2014). 

For me, I want to actually talk to a person and sit down across a desk with someone as I do the banking to close out my final loan.

So, I will wait one day in order to do that, so the new Total Debt Freedom Day is Monday, October 23rd, 2017.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

PS: I was over my El Cheapo fuel target by $1.62. Even that target was not enough for me to balance my budget, so I am officially $4.83 into my Personal Overdraft. 

I have a few ideas to actually balance my budget for the upcoming 22nd payperiod. We shall see how things unfold, though.

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