Thursday 3 August 2017

Might Not Make The Day

It has happened, I am now in territory that I have never wanted to be in: mathematically not able to make October 22 as my Total Debt Freedom Day.

Two things happened yesterday to shove me over the line into this murky grey zone. It was a combination of these two fiscal hits that did me in.

The first was when the company that I use for my anti-virus “auto-renewed” my “subscription.” 

I had somehow missed or forgot to unclick that little box saying I “wanted” them to do this.

This is frustrating because while the company and their product is okay, it is always cheaper (almost by half) to just buy their product new each year (even from their own website!) 

I was planning on letting my antivirus go out of date but just keep the laptop offline for a few months, until after Total Debt Freedom Day. 

The second hit was when I realized that I had not budgeted for the $70 - $100 to Winterize Wanda. 

Every year in early October the RV Dealership has a special Saturday where you drive through, they winterize your rig, all while you wait. 

Not Winterizing Wanda at that point would be stupid, as it would then be more expensive, next to impossible to get water for the main tanks and I would risk freezing my pipes and considerable damage.

I had forgotten to put this expense in the budget, and now as a result of the two, I am $200.00 behind the eight ball. 

Yet, while I am mathematically unable to make October 22, I will not shove the date back one Payday to November 7, 2017 (which is the worst case scenario).

Well, I suppose the worst case scenario would be sudden unemployment between now and then . . . but I digress. 

To push the day back would be admitting defeat on this time this day that I have marked down as my line in the sand. 

I can still somehow make this work, I just need to increase my income somehow, all while still, somehow, decreasing my expenses. 

(Who knows, I may get a better than bare minimum paycheque *laughs hysterically*) 

Pushing Total Debt Freedom Day back is something that I will do, only if I have no other option. 
Doing so would impact my other ambitious goals that I have set for myself post-debt freedom. That and I don’t like to miss my targets and I just want this done!

I am stubborn and resourceful, somehow I will make this day.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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