Tuesday 29 August 2017

Feeling Like a Short Timer

I am now 4 paydays away from being Totally Debt Free . . . that is the plan at least. 

I have things under control, or at least as much as one can have life and the various moving parts that is life under control. 

I am almost finished this long journey towards Total Debt Freedom. I can see the finish line, I count the days (54) and/or the weeks (8). 

My mind also wanders and wonders as to just how this soon-to-be-success could unravel and go decidedly awry into disaster.

Call it the revenge of Murphy’s Law or the stinging pain of the memories of the many almost successes that I (like many) have gone through before in my life.

I am finding myself treading more carefully, thinking twice before spending and generally more cautious than before. 

I am almost out of this quagmire that is never-ending-debt, so I am focussed on that date more than ever . . . that and not screwing up.

I feel like a soldier who has been in the field too long and the day of their rotation out of the field is coming soon. 

He (or she) is forced to wonder if they will make the day of rotation out of this mess, and back home to (relative) safety.

I am trying not to be paranoid or somehow bring badness onto me by focussing on the negative possibilities. 

I am decidedly more cautious and careful as of late, and that I try to spin as being more dedicated than ever to finally turn a page on debt, once and for all.

I will still look before I leap, and keep a weather eye out for danger, fiscal or otherwise.

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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