Friday 4 August 2017

Going For A Record!

I get paid on Monday, as in holiday Monday. So that means that I won’t be able to deposit my paycheque until Tuesday. 

Sure, technically I can deposit via a bank machine or even the banking app, but I am old fashioned and I like the receipt. That and I get cash at the same time.

When I get paid I also do my grocery run, as well as fill the truck and generator with fuel. 

I have been very conservative with fuel this time and this got me thinking: how could I be even more frugal with fuel?

Then it hit, me, spend the long weekend in my Eastern Home (as in close to work) instead of going to my Western Home. 

The other reason to stay in my Eastern Home this weekend is that I do tend to spend more when I am in my Western Home. 

Living in a big box store parking lot, surrounded by other big box stores will have that effect on you . . . go figure.

Since I am on a moratorium of spending anything that I don’t absolutely have to, it makes sense to stay away from spending temptations. 

The record that I am trying to meet or beat is the lowest cost of fuel that I have bought on a payday. We shall see how successful I am come Tuesday evening.

I really do need to conserve every penny that I can, and hope for a few bounces to come my way in order to pull this together and make October 22nd. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!  

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