Tuesday 8 August 2017

Made It Through

So, I survived the long weekend in the retail abyss. It was a bit cosy, since I did not have my slide-out out, or my stabilizer jacks down. 

I was able to complete my major objective and that was to spend no cash at all. 

I also saved on fuel, and I hope this will pay off with savings at the pump today, and thereby balance my budget.

I know that my next budget will likely be a disaster but I will not go down (into deficit) without a fight.

That is a task for another day and another week, for today and this week is what I need to focus on. 

Wonder about tomorrow, plan for it, but work on today. Always keep your focus on: “What can I do this week/today to move my plan (and myself) forward?”

As always, keep an eye to the future, but your focus needs to be on today and this week. For me, my main focus is always on this budget, this payperiod, and my plan for it.

I will squeak through this week and try to get through this upcoming weekend without spending anything that is not absolutely necessary. 

This has become my new mantra . . . who am I kidding, it has always been thus, I have just wavered in my dedication to it now and again. 

I will succeed though, I will make it through to Total Debt Freedom Day . . . and into my Rebuilding Phase. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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