Friday 16 June 2017

Water Trek

So it is that time again . . . Wanda’s back molars are floating (as in her Black and Gray Water tanks are almost full). 

So, that means that it is time to take her to an RV Dumping Station. It’s not bad, considering the last time I dumped was the May Long Weekend.

Now, there I an RV dumping station in my Eastern Home, so I could just dump there on my way to my Western Home. It may cost me $3.00, but at least I can get it done.

There is also the matter that I will need to fill Wanda’s Fresh Water Tanks by Monday morning, so I will need to travel to the northern end of the city to the one tap that I have access to, for now.

I could run to the hills and go to a campsite for the weekend, but that cost is out of the budget. 

Then there is another option . . . taking a trek north of the city to, what can best be described as a fancy rest stop which is reported to have a free and available RV Dumping Station.

While I can’t afford to make this trip each week (fuel cost) I will make the trek this weekend. I am doing this for fun and to make sure that it does in fact exist and is not padlocked.

I am still dithering on whether or not to go this afternoon, or Sunday afternoon. 

If I go on Sunday afternoon I can then still use my: fresh, gray and black water tanks this weekend and then arrive at work Monday morning with everything fresh. 

If I go today . . . well, it’s just getting it out of the way and just for fun, (no real benefit).

One way or another, I will go and post some pictures on Monday. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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