Tuesday 13 June 2017

Waning Water

So, yesterday I found out in disappointing fashion that my main water tank was not as full as I had hoped . . . in fact it was empty (so no shower yesterday).

I did get cleaned up for work, don’t worry. It was after work that I had to do a bit of running around, part of which was to get water.

So, off to the north I went; to my lone RV Dump Station that is open to me and my lone source of water for my fresh water tanks.

Once again the RV Dump Station was padlocked yet the water tap was working. Still, there was no sign explaining why this was.

After filling my main water tank and my two 5 gallon jugs, I went into the store to ask why the RV Dump Station was padlocked.

The attendant told me that the RV Dump Station was being permanently closed and hinted that it was a head/regional office and/or corporate decision.

I can see why, they’re doing this . . . from their point of view. 

After all they are a company and the sole reason for a company to exist is to maximize profit for its shareholders.

An RV Dump Station which is not generating revenue is a waste of cash and resources, even if all it costs them is a little bit of fresh water. 

Charity and community service are not things which help maximize profit . . . not unless there is a bit of good press in it for them. 

So, this means that I am at risk of losing this RV Dump Station and will have to look for another source of water (and dump station).

For now, the truck stop in my Eastern Home still has their RV Dump Station active . . . or half active. 

I can pay to dump my gray and black water tanks, yet their water has been off for the past two years. 

The rumour is that they will close this RV Dump Station too. I can always buy water from the grocery store. 

This will mean that I will have to revert to Spring/Fall Mode, so I will survive. 

It would be nice, though, to have water in my main tanks and have a shower in my shower, for the few short months that I can. 

One thing is certain: I will get through this and make it to October . . . and beyond.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!


  1. There is a public dump and water at the Dickson-Stevenson Stopping House. It is just north of Airdrie on southbound number two. turn around at hwy 72/2a.

  2. Thanks, at least I can dump, when I need to. Now to find water close to home.