Monday 12 June 2017

Lots of Food . . . and Two Friends

That sounds like the making of a party, but that was spread out over the weekend. Let me explain . . . 

First of all, things started when I got a text from a friend who is on a cross country drive with her kids . . . (brave gal). 

It seems that the tent she bought had a leak in it and so she needed a place to wash and dry what needed washing. 

(As luck would have it she was passing through my town when this happened).

I was on my way to my Laundromat in order to do my once monthly laundry . . .

(Don’t freak I have enough clothes to last me, I just save cash this way.)

After that was taken care of, she followed me to my Western Home where apparently she needed to play Tetris with her minivan . . . again.

With a new cargo carrier for the roof and things repacked into minivan (including kids) she was off again by around 11am Saturday morning. 

So yeah I had: Me, Her, and four kids all in my trailer at once, we all fit with no bloodshed (or tears).

Saturday afternoon saw me making my stew/goulash creation, and that cost me about $60.00, but made me 91 portions of lunches . . . not bad at all.

(Each stack is a stack of 5)

It was on Sunday evening that another good friend of mine stopped by on her way through town, on back to her own town. 

We chatted and visited like the old friends we are over food and drinks. The excuse this time was the fact that it was my 47th birthday yesterday. 

Ah, yes, time does move forward and as it happens, it looks as though I won’t own any land until I am at least 49. 

(As in I plan to start shopping for land June 22, 2019.)

It is also most likely that I won’t move into/onto said land until I am at least 50. 

(I will need to save up cash in order to DO something with that land.)

Again, that is life but at least I have a plan to make my life better, and I am working that plan.

The key thing to remember is that I will have a land and a home someday, someplace to put down roots, until then I shall remain frugal and mobile.

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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  1. Exceedingly odd! We share a birthday AND an affinity for hamburger helper goulash!