Thursday 29 June 2017

Goal-Setting and Goal-Getting

I have touched on this subject a lot, but that is because I know that it is only through Goal-Setting and then Goal-Getting that you can improve your life.

The way to envision this process is to see that life is a journey, and the paths in life that you take will lead you in different directions. 

You choose the path, and you set your pace. You can even make your own path and hack through the bush, where no one has gone before. The choice is yours.

There are two types of goals which come into play during this process. They work with each other in order to keep you moving yourself forward.

The first step is to set a goal, something large that you want to accomplish. This is what I call a Crossroad Goal. 

A Crossroad Goal is a goal that you set, that will make a large impact in your life, yet is not a pie in the sky. 

Keeping this goal in mind and what achieving it will mean to you, will help keep you motivated on your journey.

For me, my (first) Crossroad Goal was to be Totally Debt Free. 

As you can imagine, once I am Totally Debt Free, my life will not stop, nor will I be instantly on easy street. Life, and so must I, always moves forward.

That will be just the ending of one stage of my life, not the entirety of it.

As I stand there at that Crossroad Goal, I can then choose the next path and walk down it towards my next Crossroad Goal.

Yet, as you head on down that road towards a better life, how will you know that you are actually moving your life forward? That you are actually making progress?

This is where the Milestone Goals come into play. A Milestone Goal is a goal that you need to achieve in order to move yourself forwards towards your (current) Crossroad Goal.

These should be: 

Reasonable to accomplish
With a deadline date attached to it. 

The Crossroad Goals may or may not have a specific deadline date attached to it. 

As long as you are working on your overall plan and achieving your Milestone Goals, you will still be moving towards your (current) Crossroad Goal.

Through experience it is hard to set a specific date to your Crossroad Goal as you start down the path towards it. 

This date will move around a great deal . . . trust me. 

So, I recommend setting dates on the closer and more measurable goals of your nearer Milestone Goals, and get to the Crossroad Goal, when you can get to it.

For me, my (current) Milestone Goals are: 

1. Get out of Overdraft (Done)
2. Pay off Credit Card #1 (Done)
3. Pay off Credit Card #2 (Done)
4. Pay off Credit Card #3 (Done)
5. Pay off Truck Loan (Done)
6. Pay truck insurance in advance (July 7, 2017)
7. Pay off Wanda Loan (October 22, 2017)

Once I achieve all that, I will be Totally Debt Free, and have achieved my Crossroad Goal (of being Totally Debt Free). 

After that, I can then choose the new path for me to go down as I continually and steadily improve my life. 

I hope that some of you may use this method in your own life as you . . . 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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