Wednesday 21 June 2017

Two Years Back, Two Years Out

Tomorrow is Payday, but not just any payday, the second payday of June. Why is this important? 

Because two years from tomorrow, is when I plan to start shopping for land.

(Spontaneous crowdfunding effort notwithstanding: $200k please . . . thanks.)

On June 22, 2019 is when I will contact a realtor and start to shop for land with the cash that I will have saved up.

As I have said before, when I buy land, it will be a cash sale, paid for up front, with no mortgage. 

This is because I can’t afford to buy any land larger than a postage stamp anywhere within commuting distance to where I work.

I also refuse to live in a condo . . . or within the city limits really, and so that leaves the country and a quarter section (160 acres) minimum (so sayeth the me).

That is the goal, or rather the next large mile marker on my journey, after Total Debt Freedom which I will achieve in October (Large Life Event notwithstanding).

This leads me to wonder . . . where was I two years ago? How far have I come?

Well, two years ago, I was living in Wanda full time and had been doing so for almost a year (I moved into Wanda on July 12, 2014). 

I had paid off my first credit card and had almost paid off the next largest credit card. I had also pulled myself out of my overdraft and was staying out of it.

I had even built up a small personal overdraft, one of $500.00 on my way to the one I have now of $1000.00. 

I still felt the weight of the debt that was crushing me. I did, and still do, felt that my paycheque was not my own. Cash flows through me and out to my debtors and just to live.

That will change come October, when this almost four year journey to Total Debt Freedom will come to an end. I started this journey, and blog, on December 5, 2013.

Today’s blog entry is to restate a simple concept: time is always coming and going. Days pass into weeks, weeks pass into months, and months pass into years.

The real question is, are you using this to your advantage? How are you making your life better by your efforts today? Are you treading water, or moving forward?

Do something to make your own life better. Set a goal, a lofty one, then make a plan to achieve that goal. 

Go on, I dare you, set a goal . . . such as my seemingly impossible goal of Total Debt Freedom from three and a half years ago.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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