Wednesday 28 June 2017

Comparison Shopping Works

Okay, so as you may know, a few weeks ago I started comparison shopping for my groceries. 

Each Saturday morning, typically the one right after payday, I have been going around two major grocery stores that are located in my Western Home.

One store has a lot of yellow packaging with plain black lettering it, inside and the other store prides itself on “rollbacks.”

I have a spreadsheet to not only record the prices for the items that I regularly buy and what they cost in each of the two stores.

This will let me make my list for each store while at home, and ensure that I get the best price for each item.

This week there was a first, one store was lower on everything. At first they were both even or one would be cheaper on some items and the other on some other items.

This week one store, the store that prides itself on Rollbacks, was cheaper on everything. 

To be sure that the products are the same I will also record the brand (or just generic) if it is the house brand as well as the size of the item (as in so many grams or so many millilitres).

You do need to watch and not trust the “sale” signs as more than once I have seen an item on “sale” that is more expensive than it was a week ago.

I will keep doing my comparison shopping and not just blindly trust that one will always be cheaper than the other, as that would be silly and naive. 

So, do your comparison shopping if you can for whatever you can, as it does pay off. That is, when there is actual competition and not collusion in a given industry. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward! 

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