Monday 19 June 2017

Water Trek Report

Okay, so I did head up north this weekend (well, north of the city) in search of a reported free RV Dumping Station.

I didn’t go until Sunday Afternoon, because . . . well . . . I didn’t feel like going on Friday afternoon. 

That and I would also have more water if I waited until Sunday afternoon.

So, off I went and in truth I didn’t have any trouble finding the place. 

It is called the Dickson-Stevenson Stopping House. As best I can guess it is a fancy rest stop with a bit of an eye for promoting tourism. 

More importantly, for me, I did find what I was looking for . . . 

Yes, it did indeed have an RV dump station and it was free of charge, however . . .

Coming here was not an original idea, as there was a line-up. Ah well, no big deal, I can wait and the line did progress swiftly. 

Eventually I made my way up the front and it was my turn to dump. It was at that moment that I noticed this sign.

For those of you who don’t know, that means that there is no water that is fit for human consumption. 

As in water that is clean (not contaminated) enough for you to put into a pot and cook with it (or drink, etc). 

I checked around the stopping house, yet there were no outside taps or even any inside taps I could attach a hose to.

Soooo . . . my trip up here was a waste, sorta. Sure I could dump, but I had no fresh water. I can pay to dump in my Eastern Home, at least for now.

I dumped anyways, as I was there, and I will keep this in mind if my other RV Dump Stations close up. Coming up here once a month or so isn’t bad, if I have to.

I did get water by swinging by the RV Dump Station that I have been getting my water in the north end of the city. So, I’m okay . . . for now.

At worst I will just resort to buying the water at the grocery store and switch back to Spring/Fall Mode. Again, that is if I have to. 

I am on the hunt for another and fully functional RV Dump Station, or at least a tap that I can use (without stealing water).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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