Monday 15 May 2017

The Outlook Cycle

I am not without my frustrations and self-doubts. I battle them daily, yet refuse to let them win. The basic reason should be self-evident and is twofold. 

The first is that I have to live with myself, so I might as well be a good person to be around.

The other is that your outlook shapes how you view the world and perceive things that are happening to you. 

A positive outlook will cause you to see the good and positive things that are happening around you, thereby elevating your mood.

A negative outlook will cause you to see the negative and bad things that are happening around you, thereby worsening your mood.

Both are self-feeding cycles, you chose which direction you want to go, you choose your outlook and so you choose your mood.

I am not an expert on this, nor am I a constantly-happy-yippie-skippy person, I am trying though, and that in itself is good enough.

I have my bad days, but I put them behind me and leave them there, I choose to move forward and just forget about that bad day. 

To dwell on and beat myself up over it will therefore worsen my mood and view of myself. This will put me on that negative cycle that I want to avoid. 

So, I will look forward to being totally debt free and the great release of tension and stress that will come once I finally achieve that, earn that.

I will buckle down, and make work whatever I need to in order to achieve that. I will, however, try to enjoy the ride as I continue to work towards my goals.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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