Wednesday 24 May 2017

Close Call

So, as I said yesterday, I de-winterized Wanda over the weekend. What that means is that I got her fresh water circulation system up and running.

This means taking a few steps to get the hot and cold water system working so I can you know, turn the taps and water comes out. 

Over the weekend, everything was fine, as I was connected up to city water by way of the tap at the campsite. 

The one thing that didn’t seem to be working right was the water pump. 

This is a big deal as this is the device that will give me running water when I am not connected up to city water.

Yesterday was also payday . . . or rather the day that I could do my payday banking, due to the long weekend. 

I was going to wait until after work to do all of my running around but I was out of bread, so a run to the grocery store in the early morning was needed.

I figured that since the grocery store I go to was in my Western Home, near the place that I buy my gas from, that I might as well buy my payday gasoline as well.

So, after all this and finally getting to work, I was running a bit behind but I had enough time to take a shower, barely.

I turned the tap and nothing came out . . . I was sure that it was something to do with the water pump, but I didn’t have the time to deal with it then, I had to go (sans-shower).

At work I was wondering what to do with regards to the pump, but knew that there was only so much that I could do and that most likely the pump didn’t survive winter.

So, in the early afternoon I called the RV dealership and made an appointment for service. 

After all, they were the ones who winterized Wanda, and I had paid for the extended warranty, so I wasn’t expecting to pay for the repair.

This still leaves the problem of where I was going stay for the few days that Wanda was going to be in the shop (a month from now).

I had decided that I was just going to sleep in the truck, as I really didn’t want, nor could absorb, yet another unexpected expense, not and still make my goals on track.

My boss mentioned in passing that the type of pump that I have in Wanda can sometimes get a bit sticky due to the special antifreeze that they put in the water lines for the winterization process.

He suggested that I smack the pump with something hard and hope that will loosen up. I filed that away as something I may try, yet my evening was also going to be busy.

I still had to run to the bank and then buy propane, as I had run out that afternoon.  

So it wasn’t until later that evening that I was able to try to work on the water pump issue. I flipped the switch and lo and behold the pump started working.

I tried a few tests to check that it was indeed working properly and indeed it was!

Then I thought how this could be, as I hadn’t done anything different than I had done in the morning. 

Then I remembered. When parking and manoeuvring in a parking lot, I inadvertently hopped a curb with Wanda and that gave the whole trailer a jolt, nothing serious mind you.

That must have been enough to jostle whatever it was that was stuck in the water pump loose. Thankfully that was all that was needed, and indeed it works! 

I had a hot shower in my trailer this morning and am looking forward to many more over the next four months. 

The next challenge will be finding a regular source of water nearby.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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